Fun is afloat in the sea of Rimini


Off the coast of the bathing establishment 55 just a few steps from the Hotel Radar, you will find Boabay, the most fun floating park in the world.

As we know, summer on the Romagna Riviera is full of surprises!
Boabay is a huge aquapark in the sea, close to the Hotel Radar, which spells out the word RIMINI when seen from a satellite.
Jump, slide and dive. Add laughter and exciting emotions to your holiday along the bouncy inflatable route of Boabay: many modules including slides, tunnels, platform and trampolines.

Imagine the thrill of making a small jump and landing on a soft and bouncy surface which sends up and up! You will think you are flying in the blue sky, whilst all around is the cooling sea.
Adults become children, and children smile.

The minimum age for Boabay is 6; all children under 140 centimetres tall must be accompanied by an adult. You don’t need much for your Boabay experience, just comfortable swimwear, a good sun protection and you are ready for the best fun of the summer.

Did you know that there is also an inflatable iceberg, more than 4 metres high, to be conquered?
Begin your adventure and run down to the beach to try Boabay!
To purchase tickets, simply ask reception at the Hotel Radar.